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Flames of Faith: An introduction to Chassidic thoughtFlames of Faith: An introduction to Chassidic thought

Revitalize your Judaism with this compelling introduction to the warmth and inspiration of Chassidic thought.

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Chassidus emerged in the 18th century as a protection from the storm winds of modernity. If anything, today the situation has only worsened. Intermarriage is rampant and assimilation the norm. Sometimes even observant Jews find that their religious observance has become habitual and uninspired.

In this eye-opening new book, Rabbi Zev Reichman opens up the world of Chassidic literature and reveals the depth and soulful vitality that pervade Chassidic thought. Read it and discover the heartfelt passion of Chassidism and open the door to new dimensions of observance, piety and study.

Adapted from the Torah classes of Rav Moshe Wolfson, shlit"a

Author: Rabbi Zev Reichman
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 296 pages

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Guide To Blessings
The brochos for various foods By Rabbi Naftali Hoffner

Pirkei Avos - Illustrated Youth Edition
Fully illustrated, with the complete text, simplified translation and comments.
By Rabbi Avie Gold


Pirkei Avos
By Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
Rav Schwab on Prayer
The Great Rav's Teachings on the Siddur By Rabbi Shimon Schwab
more books by Rab Schwab]


The Artscroll Children's Siddur
By Shmuel Blitz
Siddur: Complete Full Size - Ashkenaz
By Rabbi Nosson Scherman Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz

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